In Loving Memory

Dennis Ralph Yarbrough Jr.
11th Anniversary In Heaven
February 11th, 2008


It's been 11 years and there's still not a day
goes by without me thinking of you.
Every year I count down the hours, minutes
and seconds before the nightmare began.
Two days before your passing
we spent the day together.
No warnings, no signs, nothing
to let me know what was to come.
I'll never understand...
I look at the clock it's almost 6:10 am.
How could I have not known you were in trouble.
How could I have not known you needed me
more than you've ever needed me before.
I never got to say goodbye.
I never wanted to say goodbye.
I look over at the time, I look at your picture
and I go back 11 years ago.
I cry out, I love you son,
I'll always love you.
I want to stop this from happening but I can't,
it's to late.

I know how hard it was for you Dennis.
I also know how hard you tried to
survive in this world.
I know that when you couldn't
take the pain any longer,
God picked you up and carried you home.
I know Heaven is a better place with you in it.
But my world is lost since you've gone.
I love you my Sweet Angel
Forever and Always...

2/11/08 - Mama

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