Dennis Ralph Yarbrough Jr.
March 11th, 1976 - February 11th, 1997

My Beautiful Rose:

A seed is planted and as it is nurtured it grows.
Then before we know it, we have a Beautiful Rose.

The sun brings out the petals, and the rain makes it strong.
Then when winter comes our Rose is gone.

We wait for the spring, when the warm sun is near.
Watching and hoping for our Beautiful Rose to reappear.

We worry and get anxious and we wish with all our might.
We cared for and we loved and thought we did everything right.

But, Our Beautiful Rose is now a Lovely Memory you see.
But I'll never quit praying that My Beautiful Rose
will someday come back to me.

Written By Elena For My Son, Dennis
January 4th, 2009

12 long Years:

It's hard to believe sometime.
I can still see your face plain as day.
I can still hear your laughter, see your smile,
hear your voice but I can't feel your touch.
No matter how hard I try. I go on pretending
most days that I'm okay but inside I long to see you,
touch you just be with you again.
I am always doing something on your website
if nothing else just looking at your pictures.
I get so mad that I just want to scream. I want more!
So many of us go through this life without our children.
I will never understand why?
I feel like sometime I am still running from the truth.
All of a sudden it catches up to me
and I feel like I'm right back where I started.
Every single day I get up, you are always there.
In my mind, my heart, my thoughts.
I'm forever wondering what would you be doing if
you were still here? Wondering what you're doing there?
Constantly wondering if you know everytime
my thoughts are with you.
I just have so many questions sometimes.
Not understanding why it has to be the way it is.
I question sometime if there is a God
and why he doesn't do anything to ease our pain.
Why do some parent's have to go through this
nightmare and some never will know this pain.
I try to keep my faith and believe that some day the hurt
will stop and there you'll be arms out in front of me.
And all this pain will be behind us (forgotten) never to return.
I pray this is how it ends...and our new life begins.

For now, I'll try and keep going like I have been.
Loving You, Missing You and Thinking about You
every step of the way.

I Love You Son, Always and Forever, Mama

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Thank you again, DJ and Angel Shane!

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Thank you again, Donna and Angel Corey!

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