About Dennis:

I use to love to dress Dennie up. Suits, hats, etc. He liked being clean and of course, he loved to get dirty too! We got a lot of Oh, he is so beautiful or look at that cute outfit! Dennis would enjoy the compliments and just grin from ear to ear. As he got older he took a lot of pride in the way he looked. Hair just right, shoes cleaned, pants and shirt had to look good together. He would ask my advise on his clothes sometimes. He said because I had good taste and my clothes always looked nice on me. Bless his heart, he use to spend more time on his hair than I did!

He loved to help people. He was very fond of the elderly. He would help them do things around the house or yard and not accept money for it. He would make me so proud. He went to Church regularly when he was with Jan, he really enjoyed going. They use to talk to the Preacher about teen and young couples issues. Jan and Dennis both sang in the Choir.  He was Baptized by this preacher that meant so much to him.

Dennis Loved music Loud music! He got that honest, mama does too! He liked to listen to all kinds of music. Rap, country, jazz/blues and rock and roll. I think he liked rap the most, probably because the kid just couldn't sing! You talk more than you sing, when you rap, if you can learn the words, and he was good at it.

A few of the songs that I knew he liked was Nobody Knows It But Me: by Kevin Sharpe, I cry every time I hear it. Elvira: by the Oakridge Boys. When he was around 5 or 6 he use to sing that song all day long. he loved it... He also liked Swinging: by John Anderson. He loved to do the line dance to it. That was one of the first line-dances he learned and the steps came easy to him.

The songs that we played at his Funeral were: Miracle/by Puff Johnson, Just one rose will do/?, Go rest high on that mountain/by Vince Gill and Another you, Another me/by Brady Seals. The last time Dennis and I danced, it was a slow dance to Go rest high on that mountain.

Dennis's favorite day was Valentine's Day. It was always special to him. He once told me he wanted to get married on Valentine's Day. He loved to show affection and what perfect chance to show your love than that day. It's one of the saddest for me now.......I buried my son on Valentine's Day.

Dennis loved my cherry-yum/yum and my sister's banana pudding. He loved fried okra and french fries. He also loved seafood. I don't know how he could taste it. He would squeeze near bout a bag full of lemons on it. He also would steal my steamed oysters while I was busy trying to get them out of the shell! I'd look over in my dish expecting to have 6 to 8 ready to eat and there wouldn't be but maybe 3, he would bust the gut laughing! God I miss that laugh!

His favorite drink was Mountain Dew. Dennis was never into sports. He liked to skate, swim and play video games. Music was the love of his life. He would listen to it 24/7. He love songs that had a lot of meaning. He loved to watch movies. One that I heard him speak of often was Pump up the volume.

Dennis was good at a lot of things, just about anything he put his mind into. He especially liked messing around with speakers and stereo equipment. He also liked to write letters and poems.

Dennis died 1 month before his 21st birthday. One of the things that hurts me a lot when I think back is, Dennis had a lot of friends. He never met a stranger. Some he didn't keep long and some hung around. The night of his Wake and the day of his Funeral, no friends were there. I didn't know how to get in touch with any of them.

We had his picture in the News & Observer and I thought maybe some of them might see it. A lot of family and our friends but none of his. That still hurts me to this day and probably always will. A friend or two called later, that hadn't heard and they sounded like they were very upset. One said that he thought a lot of Dennis and consider him a very dear friend. Jan, his x-girlfriend, was out of town at the time but when she found out about it, she was very upset. She really loved him and a part of her probably always will.

Dennis loved to flirt! Usually from a distance. He often was scared to approach them because of rejection. Between girlfriends, he usually had a list of girls he would call, one after the other, until one said yes to what ever he was asking. I told him once that I was going to get a hold of that book of phone numbers he had and call them all and tell on him, he just started laughing and said, What? Like I an't doing nothing wrong.

No mother could have loved her son more....



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