Within my heart a treasure
 A poet's gentle kiss
Words of love now written
 In captivating bliss 

A word to reach the heart of
The one who reads life's rhyme
So you will know the reason
Love created every line 


Now this tender moment 
To put forth every word
To bring to you the beauty
Of love that can be heard 

I give to you with heartfelt love 
 The joy in life that's given
A poet's greatest treasure
The words the heart has written.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright May 14, 2008

Happy (30th) Heavenly Birthday:
March 11th, 2006:
Dennis, Dear Sweet Child of Mine,

I miss you so much! There is so much I would love to do for you on your Birthday, but other than this Memorial and the Roses I will be putting on your grave today, that's all God will allow me to do. But I want to hear all about it! I would love to have a front row seat if that's possible? Did you tell anyone how old you are today? I did! Yes, mom let the cat out of the bag! (30) years old... That's hard to believe.

My baby is growing into a man without me... I can almost see what you look like now. Yes, your dad again... you always looked so much like him. In each stage of your life, you looked like he did at that age; of course you were much better looking!!!! Oh, how I long to see you and to touch you again. I love you so much. It still hurts like H---!!!! I think about you all the time.

Let me see... I can imagine, can't I? I'll come pick you up and we'll go and have a big breakfast (your choice of course). Then we'll go to the mall and let you pick out something, um - what would that be? It's hard to guess now. Before, my guess would have been cash, clothes and music, and my company of course, lol!

We always did enjoy each other's company. I miss that so much. I miss the ear phones hanging out of your ears almost every where we went, and the loud music (which I still like) and the grin that would start in your eyes and extend to your lips spreading across your face from one ear to the other. I loved to hear you laugh!

Later we'll go dancing or go out to a nice dinner and then I'll ask you to stay the night, which most likely, you will. And we'll stay up half the night talking and watching movies on T.V. If you can, please come into my dreams and show me how you spent your Birthday...

Happy 30th Birthday Sweetheart,
Loving and Missing you Always, Mama

These are some Beautiful Gifts we have recieved from Friends.
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Oh My Goodness - I'm Soooo Very sorry I missed your Beautiful Angel Dennis' Birthday! I don't know how I did!! It's so hard that our boys are growing up without us - it's just Wrong..... I'm sending you Love and Hugs and Prayers - and lighting my Candle Today for your Beautiful Dennis - hoping he'll forgive me that I didn't on his Birthday!! I also hope they had fun celebrating their birthday up in Heaven - It's easier for me to think they're having Fun up there, u know???? I'm here if you ever need to talk, cry, vent, share.... just anything... I'm so happy that Your Dennis got together with my Jeffrey and made sure we met each other - I'm blessed to Know you my friend... Mel

Thank you, Angel Mel and Angel Jeffrey!

Thank you, Susie and Angel Jason!

Happy (31st) Heavenly Birthday:
March 11th, 2007:
Another Birthday without you. Missing you and loving you as always...

Happy Birthday wishes to you up above, My hopes are that you're happy and surrounded by God's Love.

Do you celebrate your Birthdays like we use to down here, did you have 31 candles on your cake this year?

Did you have a lot of balloons just floating around in the air, did you get bunches of presents were all of your Angel friends there?

I hope your Birthday was Wonderful and you and your friends had fun, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Darling and I will Always Love You, my Son.

Written with love by Mama

Thank you, Susie and Angel Jason!

Thank you, Saralyn and Angel Robbie!



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