What Christmas Means To Me

First and foremost Christmas means the birth of Jesus Christ
our Lord and Savior...
Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.
People seem to be more friendly, more giving of themselves
to others. Helping and more caring.
I love to listen to the Christmas songs and watch the
wonderful movies on the Hallmark Channel.
I love to see the beautiful trees in the windows and look at the
display of Christmas lights.
It's a time when family and friends come together
carrying out traditions, exchanging gifts and eating Christmas dinner.
The shopping, decorating, the smell of cinnamon and pine.
It's also a day when Ronnie and I celebrate
our Wedding Anniversary.
It's all a part of Christmas to me.
And...So are you.
All the memories I have of the magical moments of seeing your smiling
little face opening up all your presents. Your expressions when
sitting on Santa's lap. The excitement on your face when I opened up
something you had bought or made
me from school. The Christmas dinners we shared together,
playing in the floor with all the toys you got.
I guess most of all it's the Hope that I feel especially at Christmas that
we will be together again and all that we have and all that we shared
will never be lost and they will always be a me and you.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...
Merry Christmas Dennis... I Love You Son.

These are some Beautiful Gifts we have recieved from Friends.
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Thank you, Susie and Angel Jason for these 4 Beautiful Gifts!

Thank you, Carol and Angel Michael for this Lovely Gift!

This Christmas we feel more sorrow than celebration in our hearts...
Missing our children being here with us during this festive season.
I'm thankful for every wonderful thing that makes you "You"
I'm thankful for our times together, for the way you understand me
for all the good advise and deep-down honest caring.
I cherish you and I thank you for our friendship...
May a gentle memory of love you shared with your child
In happier times, hold you in it's warm embrace
and bring you comfort and peace...
I love you dearly,

Thank you, Linda and Angel Tina for this Lovely Gift and Message!

May Our Angel Joshua
Light your way with all the brightness of that first Christmas Star.
May his Angel Dust remind you of all the Love and Beauty in this world
if only we would look with our hearts.
Love Monika

Thank you, Monika and Angel Joshua for this Beautiful Gift and Message!

Thank you, Cindy Jo and Angel Michelle for this Beautiful Gift!

Thank you, Donna and Angel's Corey & Michelle for this Beautiful Gift!

Thank you, Karen and Angel Geoff for these 2 Beautiful Gifts!

Thank you, Christine and Angel Deborah for this Beautiful Gift!

Thank you, Marie and Angel Rob for this Beautiful Gift!





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