Merry Christmas Sweetheart





Hey Sweetheart, It's been a while
Since you've gotten a letter from me,
How are you doing up in Heaven,
I hope you're at Peace and Happy.


Oh, how we miss you terribly
but I guess we're doing okay down here,
Are you in the Christmas Spirit,
Are you singing Christmas Carols
And spreading joy and cheer?


I've got most of my Christmas shopping done,
And the gifts wrapped and under the tree.
I've just got a few more to buy,
for Ronnie and Aunt Dee.


I can't shake this feeling,
I've been walking around in a haze,
Christmas isn't so merry
For me any more, these days...


I remember all the Christmas',
Spent with you in the past,
I'll cherish them forever,
Especially the precious memories of the last.


I fixed a big Christmas dinner,
Rusty, his family, you and Jan came,
That's the year you gave
Ronnie a clown with a note
And me that lovely Noah's Ark picture frame.


I miss all those times together,
We use to have so much fun,
Laughing, teasing and joking around,
Gosh, I miss each and everyone!


Dennis, I never thought of losing you,
My Sweet Angel beyond the clouds,
I never planned to live my life without you Son,
My only child.


I still have Hopes and Dreams,
I pray some day will come true,
When I travel through the eternal light,
I'll be on my way to You...


Merry Christmas Sweetheart
With all My Love,


These are some Beautiful Gifts we have recieved from Friends.
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Thank you, Susie and Angel Jason For these 2 Beautiful Gifts!

Thank you, Cindy Jo and Angel Michelle For These Beautiful Gifts!

Thank you, Donna and Angel's Corey & Michelle For This Beautiful Gift!

Misty Christmas Memories

Gentle snowflakes touch my face
As a tear trails down my cheek
Among crowds and glistening tinsel
Your face, I once more seek.

Another year has come to pass
With not once glimpse of you
Except in dreams, you visit me
In shades of hazy blue.

Christmas time will soon be here
I long to see your face
Just once again, to see your smile
And dream of your embrace.

Christmas time is boxed up
In tones of purple hue
It's wrapped in misty memories
And laced with thoughts of you.

Written By:
Marilyn Ferguson

I'm thinking of your angel this Christmas Season and
I know how you long to see his face and his precious
smile. So I hope this little gift will bring you a smile
as we remember your sweet angel spending Christmas
with Jesus this blessed holiday season.
I Love you!!!

Thank you, Linda and Angel Tina
For Sharing This Beautiful Poem
And For This Lovely Gift and Message!

Thank you, Carol and Angel Michael For This Beautiful Gift!

Thank you, Christine and Angel Deborah For This Beautiful Gift!

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