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This is Mama and Ronnie.
They met in 1981 and got
married in 1988. I was 5 years old
when they met. I had a lot of respect
for Ronnie. We had our ups and downs,
but for the most part we got along pretty good.
Ronnie gave the Eulogy at my funeral.


This is Aunt Dee and Auntie Ann
They are Mama's sisters. I thought
a lot of both of them. Auntie
Ann passed away (9) months
after I did. Mama and Aunt Dee
misses her a lot. She was a lot
of fun to be around. She always
had something good to say about
everyone she met.


This is my Step Grandma and My Grandpa
Carol and Albert - (Mom's Daddy)
My grandpa passed away (1) year
and a few days after I did. Carol,
my step grandma lives in Nakina, NC
Mama misses her daddy very much.


This is Aunt Dee and her son Kevin
Me and my cuz had a lot of fun
playing together, when we were young.
When we got older, we kind of driffed
apart. Mom and Aunt Dee are very
close, especially since there has
been so many deaths in our family.


This is my Great Grandma
Cattie, she was a real sweetheart.
She bought my first pair of shoes.
Mama use to walk to her house,
when she was pregnant with me and
eat sweet potatoes. Grandma always
seem to have just baked some. I've
got a Birth Mark between my
shoulder blades, that looks like a sweet
potatoe. Mama's always said, it was
the one she didn't get.


This is Fran and Mama
Fran is mama's step sister. They were
real close growing up. Over the years
Fran moved out of state and they
drifted apart. Now they have reunited.
I am so glad, because mama thought
a lot of Fran. They would always
dress alike, when they were little, so
mom thought it would be funny to
wear the same PJs. Aren't they just
to cute!


This is my Grandma Lucille
My mom's, mama. She passed away when
my mama was only six years old. I
remember when mama use to take me to the
Cemetary with her to visit Grandma's grave.
I started crying one time while we were
out there and mama asked me why was I
crying. My answer was, that I was sad, because
I never got to meet and know her. Mama
tells people now, that her mama is holding
her grandson for the very first time.


This is Me and my son Jon Michael
He was only a week old in this picture. I was
really a proud daddy. I wish I had gotten to
know him better. Missy had a new man in
her life, (who is now her husband) and didn't
want me in Jon's life. I might have gave her
reasons to want me out of her life, but mom's
never done anything to her. All she has ever
wanted is to be a grandmother to her only
blood grandchild.


This is My son Jon Michael
Jon is (7) years old here. He was born 7/20/94.
Missy's mom sent this to mama. I never got to
see this picture. When mama got this in the mail,
she cried so hard. She could not believe how much
Jon Michael looked like me. He is so beautiful!
Mom has a lot to offer this little boy, but for some
unknown reason, isn't allowed to offer him anything?
He is all my mom's got left of me, except memories.
Mom keeps hoping that some day she can be this
boy's grandma. In the meantime she has an 11 page
letter written to him about us, his unknown family,
and how much we love him and want to be a part
of his life. She wrote this letter just in case
anything ever happens to her and she never gets
the chance to tell him herself. The letter isn't
written to hurt anybody. She just wants him
to know that he was loved and thought about
every day of his life.I hope and pray that some
day he will be calling her grandma.


Let's Call Him Baby Beautiful
No Kin, Thank goodness! This is just a picture,
my crazy mama got off of the internet. Mama needed
a laugh, and that did it! He's so ugly, he's cute.


My Grave Site
This is my grave site. I am buried at Montlawn
Memorial Park. I am buried beside my Grandma,
that I never got to meet. Auntie Ann is buried (2)
graves up from me. Mama use to bring me out here
when she would visit with her mama and we
would feed the ducks. Mama don't like the ducks
much anymore, they keep eating the grass seed that
she puts around my grave. She tells me to shoo them
off, when she's not here, but I kind of like the


Mama at My Grave
This is Mama standing by my Grave Easter Sunday.
She misses me a lot. I wish I could stop her pain.
I love you mom.


This Is Mama, Sissy and Good Ole String Bean
Ronnie and mama had String, since birth. She was
(5) years old, when they got Sissy, at (8) weeks old.
String passed away 12/13/02. She was 16 years old.
Mama and Ronnie thought they were going to
lose Sissy after String Bean passed. She was mourning
so much, they couldn't bring her out of it. She
stayed under their bed and wouldn't come out unless
they dragged her out. They went and got Twinkie
and she became Sissy"s life line immediately. Sissy
is (13) years old.


This is Sissy and Twinkie
Twinkie is (2) years old in the picture. Mama
and Ronnie got Twinkie LaVista when she was
(7) weeks old. Mama named Twinkie after String.
String Bean loved Twinkies and she was born in
our house, on Willow Vista Road.


Que Tip Jordan
Meet the new addition to our family. Mama,
Ronnie and Twinkie lost Sissy Girl on 1/14/06.
Q-tip is (6) weeks old. Q-Tip is named after
Sissy. We have a pontoon boat and we go out to
Jordan Lake a lot. Sissy loved it! Q-Tip's
middle name is Jordan, after the lake, but
because of Sissy loving it so much.


Tea Cup MBea
Meet the new addition to our family. Mama,
Ronnie and Que Tip lost Twinkie LaVista on 6/18/15.
Tea Cup is (9) Months old. Tea Cup is named after
Twinkie. She loved ice tea and going to Myrtle Beach
on our vacations. Twinkie loved it! Tea Cup
got the name Tea because,
of Twinkie loving it so much
and the MBea stands for Mrytle Beach.

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