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Reality: Sad But True:

Some people, myself included would have never thought that they would be on a web site like this one, much less, create one for their child that had ended their own life. My son, Dennis was sometimes careless and drove to fast and hung out with what I considered to be the wrong crowd. But to choose to die; Never! I wouldn't have thought that in a million years. He loved life!

So many of us do not believe that kind of thing happens so close to home, but it does every day, every hour, every minute, every second; Someone loses a love one to suicide. Why? We ask? I wish I had the answers! We never seek the facts until it too late. I had no idea that the suicide rate was so high. I had no idea what signs to look for nor did I know that depression could lead to suicide, if left untreated. We figure moody today, better spirits tomorrow. I don't know how to stop our love ones from choosing death over living, but we need to do more than we're doing now, because something's not working.

Why God and God's Answer:

Why God?

I look around and all I see, is these beautiful people in front of me. Left behind were Wives, Husbands, Sisters and Brothers, Sons, Daughters, Mothers and Fathers. Why God we all ask? Did you not hear their last request? They'd hide their hurt, pain and tears away, from all to see, until they reached their final destiny. I Don't know why, I didn't know, my loveone was hurting so. I wish I could have known, how bad depression was then, Just maybe, I could have changed the tragic end...

God's Answer:

I was there to watch my children, through their tears and through their pain. And yes, I did hear them, when they cried out loud my name. And that's when I held my child before me in Heaven, to be reclaimed. I cannot take away your sorrow and your pain, but I will tell you this, so your life you can regain. Thy Will Be Done Your Angel Awaits You In The Home Of The Father And The Son...

Written By: Elena (Dennis's Mom)

An Angel Has Been There:

Into each life some tears must fall; Our hearts may sometimes break, And sorrows come to one and all, For all must give and take. But God never leaves us hopeless; He listens to each prayer, And when we're filled with peacefulness, An Angel has been there.

Written By: Clay Harrison

Dennis Ralph Yarbrough Jr.
March 11th, 1976 - February 11th, 1997
Age - (20)
Parent's - Dennis Ralph Yarbrough and Stella Elena Lowery
Half Brother - Dylan Yarbrough
Step Sister - Shannon - Step Brother - DJ
Son - Jon Michael Mckenzie
Step Mother - Sue Yarbrough
Step Father - Ronnie Lowery

David Albin Dill
November 2nd, 1965 - January 3rd, 2000
Age - (34)
Parent's - Albin and Kay Dill
Sister - Tina Tappy

Brandon Monrose-Rousseau
January 30th, 1989 - October 2nd, 2000
Age - (11)
Parent's - Karen Rousseau and Wayne
Brother - Eddie

Nathan "Nate" James Nachreiner
February 15th, 1983 - April 13th, 2004
Age - (21)
Parent's - Jeffrey Christensen and Lisa (Witt) Nachreiner
Step Father - Merle Bohlin
Brother's - Nicholas Nachreiner and Adam Braun

Shane Presley Farr
August 3rd, 1971 - April 21st, 1999
Age - (27)
Parent's - Milton Farr and Theresa Green
Wife - Heather Farr
Daughter - Vanessa Farr
Step Children - Paul, Eric, Jamiln and Scott

Bryan Lee Story
September 18, 1973 - October 18, 2004
Age - (31)
Parents - Mary Ann Vaughan and Clayton Story
Daughter - Raelee Story
Brothers - William and Randy Story
Precided in death by an infant brother ~ James Goble Story
Nephew - Jessie Story
Nieces - Bethany Story, Brittany Story, Miranda Story and Shelby Story

Candice Jo Bertram
July 7th, 1984 - April 19th, 2003
Age - 18
Parent's - Steve Bertram and Brenda Stotlar
Sisters - Nicole and Sandra
Brother - Kelly
Half Sister & Brother - Chelsea and Cody

Jason Marc Pinsky
Jason & Son (Dylan)
March 27th, 1975 - October 22nd, 2002
Age - (27)
Parent's - David Pinsky and Marilyn Galinn
Brother - Brian Pinsky
Son - Dylan Pinsky
Niece and Nephew - Kara and Kobe Pinsky

Ricky Bingham
June 4th, 1979 - June 6th, 1997
Age - (18)
Mother - Carol

Richard Kenneth Sells Sr.
January 30th, 1945 - May 12th, 1997
Age - (52)
Wife - Nancy - 31 Years
3 Children - Rich Jr., Patti & Shannon
5 Grandchildren - Tim, Alyssa, Tricia, Sarah & Kenny

Music By:Blaine Larsen/How Do You Get That Lonely

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