Wave Of Emotion

Gliding through the water, the wind in my face,
I lay back and close my eyes, your life I begin to trace.
I go back to when you were born so fragile and so small,
God had gave me everything, I had it all...

I remember thinking, Gosh! He's all mine,
and how mad I got when the Doc smacked your behind!
I remember the day you took your very first step,
and how your lips would curve in and out while you slept.

I remember when we bought you your first trike,
it wasn't very long, you were riding your new bike.
I think about all the things you use to say and do,
I never told you enough Son, how proud I was of you.

I look upon the big blue sky and wonder where you are,
I almost feel like we can touch but Heaven's way to far.
I keep watching and waiting, hoping I'll get a chance,
to see you and your beautiful smile, if only a small glance.

I think about what if, you were here with me right now,
would you be right here beside me, staring at the clouds?
Sometimes it feels so real, you're all around me, or so it seems,
was it a Wave of Emotion, or just a beautiful dream?

Written By: Elena (Dennis's Mom) - August 2008

The pictures below were taken at
Myrtle Beach during Tropical Storm Hanah.



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